Custom tape sticker label paper

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  • Double-sided adhesive tape die-cutting
  • Single-sided tape die-cutting
  • Foam tape die-cutting
  • Any other adhesive products die-cutting

Custom Custom tape sticker label paper Set

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, especially the expanding range of consumer electronics products, die-cutting is not only limited to printed materials or other paper products in accordance with the pre-designed graphics into a die-cutting knife plate for cutting, so that the shape of the printed material is no longer limited to straight edges and right angles, but also an industrial electronic product auxiliary material production. Commonly used products are applied to: electro-acoustic, health care, display signs, safety and protection, transportation, office supplies, electronic power, communications, industrial manufacturing, family leisure and other industries. Whether double-sided tape, single-sided tape, foam tape and any other adhesive products, as long as you need, die-cutting can achieve personalized ding'zhi for you!
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