Double-sided Adhesive Tape

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  • Cotton paper double-sided tape
  • PET double-sided tape
  • Foam double-sided tape
  • Acrylic double-sided tape

Custom Double-sided Adhesive Tape Set

Double-sided adhesive tape consists of three parts: a base material, an adhesive substance, and a release material. It is a rolled adhesive tape made by coating elastic type pressure-sensitive adhesive and other adhesives with dialysis paper, plastic film, foam cotton and acrylic as the base material. The double-sided tape series includes tissue paper double-sided tape, foam double-sided tape, PET double-sided tape and acrylic double-sided tape. The advantages of double-sided tape are excellent adhesion, durability, flexibility to customize shape and size, etc. Double-sided tape is widely used in various fields such as high-end technology manufacturing, industrial production, packaging production and food processing, such as electronic products window bonding, precision bonding between electronic structures, packaging labels, cushioning structural parts bonding, etc.
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