single sided adhesive tape

  • Masking tapes are used for automotive painting
  • Cloth-based tapes are used for repair
  • Single-sided foam tapes for cushioning packaging
  • Aluminum foil tape for pipe packaging
  • BOPP applications are even more widely used in the packaging industry

Custom single sided adhesive tape Set

Single-sided tape consists of two parts: the base material and the adhesive substance. Commonly used single-sided tapes include masking tapes, cloth-based tapes, single-sided foam tapes, aluminum foil tapes and BOPP tapes, etc. Single-sided tapes are widely used in various fields such as industrial production, packaging production, electronics industry and customization industry. For example, masking tapes are used for automotive painting, cloth-based tapes are used for repair, single-sided foam tapes are used for cushioning packaging, aluminum foil tapes are used for pipe packaging, and BOPP tapes are widely used in the packaging industry.
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